20 December 2009

You can charge any car your want at Tom's restaurant

OK, this is about line line voltage, but not mine!

We visited Mike Graham today. His line was 244 point something volts which is well within ANSI specs, although on the high side. I could charge #458 fine, but Mike's #269 would not charge. So the over-voltage threshold in his car has drooped even lower than mine in the cold, but his line voltage is also lower than my 253ish. So we have similar problems at our respective homes.

Tom's restaurant is nearby Mike's home so we went over there to finish charging and get some DELICIOUS food and peek at his line voltage. As Tom told me, since he has industrial 3 phase power, the single phase feed is lower with a nominal of 208 volts. (For the geeks, that is 120 volts times the square root of 3, for 3 phase.) Tom's line actually read 204 point something today. And of course, no trouble charging. No one ever has had trouble charging at Tom's restaurant. Because the voltage there is lower.

Mini, are you taking notes? There will be a quiz when you make your house call. I am handing you the answer to this charging problem on a silver platter here.

Oh by the way, this long drive in a BIG blizzard. That traction control is Great. The heater is not dependable. Goes cold now and then. Need to leave the fan up on three.

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  1. It was great to see you and your wife, love the Arlo Guthrie reference.