18 December 2009

Last night it worked

We got home with temperatures in the low 20's, line  voltage about 252.6 and of course the Mini E won't charge, not even one blink or click.

After turning on almost everything in the house, the line voltage drops to 250.0 and bingo!  It started charging and did not stop.  I was expecting to need to get it down to 249, since recently 249.2 was not far enough down.  Sounds like 249 to 250 is the threshold when temperatures are a bit below freezing.

I heard from a reputable source that the AC Propulsion safety limit (maybe there is another more official term?  Jason, can you comment?) should be 264 volts.  That gives plenty of margin past the ANSI spec of 252 max.  To bad it doesn't hold in the cold.

1 comment:

  1. i have started experiencing the same new phenomenon of not even 1 blink when i get home. this is new since it got really cold ~20. So I did buy a large electric room heater (70 year old house) and it is running most of the day when i get home. no change at all. i hope they call soon. luckily im working from home today, I forgot to go downstairs after getting home to restart the charging. I saw it this morning when i took out the garbage, woops, charging now.