11 December 2009

Mini didn't find the problem, so they are coming to visit soon

So I have the snow tires and decals, but they did not find the problem that causes #458 to balk at charging from 240 volts.  So they say they will make a house call.

I'm not sure they understand that the car has to come off a long drive and be at low charge to have a high likelihood of not wanting to charge.  I'll make it clear when they come to visit.  Actually that might make it tricky to set up a visit with those conditions.

Michael with #249 says he has to wait between 10 and 60 minutes to get his Mini E to charge at 240 volts.  But this loaner #008 I have is worse.  For the two days I have had it, it won't even try at 240 volts when I get home, no blinking that stops after several seconds, nothing.  But of course it is happy at 120 volts.  And I have waited over an hour now.

I think the engineers from Mini might have a better chance reproducing the problem if they bring #008 over to my house after driving it to a low charge.

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