21 December 2009

The cavalry is on the way

I heard today from Clean Fuel Connections that the entourage from Mini will be visiting me in early mid January.  Not just to diagnose the charging issue but with a potential work around and possibly a modified (fixed?) car to see if it has trouble with my high line voltage.  I suspect mine is the highest of the bunch who are having trouble, which apparently numbers six.  Not bad, 1% of the total.  This is the sort of problem that needs to get figured out in the prototype stage.

Now, if I can get really technical for a moment - Mike, you might remember this from your Electrical Engineering days.

You don't need a 15 kilowatt transformer to lower the line voltage to get around this problem.  A transformer with a 12 volt 60 amp output could do the job theoretically.  Wire the output in series with one side of the 240 volt line but opposing phase (symmetry is not needed) and you drop from 240 volts nominal to 228 volts.  That should be a MUCH cheaper transformer.  I'll post a schematic in a few days maybe but I doubt something like this would comply with the electrical code, so it is academic.  Maybe try it on the 4th of July so that if it explodes, it would seem to be on purpose.  Ha ha.  Maybe I can find a picture of the cavalry with some explosions?

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