05 November 2009

Three tries to start charging tonight

Maybe it was the rain, I don't know. Almost 5 minutes passed tonight from turning off the Mini until plugging in the cord, and then 5 blinks and charging stopped. I waited 15 seconds and tried again, still no go. I came back in two minutes, plugged in again and it started up and kept going this time.

I have not seen the red blinking light for awhile on the Clipper Creek box that others have reported lately. Maybe the AC Propulsion box can sense leakage itself, and stops charging. (This is my moisture theory, it was raining tonight.) I guess I should leave the key in so the display will light up in case there is an icon or message.

I did look at the charging port with a flash light but there did not seem to be moisture. Maybe I should take a hair dryer to it anyway.

Since I had this problem before and after the flying doctor changed my Magic Box last time, I suspect the issue is in the battery (moisture?) or just a software problem. I am not buying Mini's guess in their last email that the voltage from the power company is low. When that happens, the Clipper Creek box stops the charge and it restarts by itself. The problem I am seeing is the car stopping the charging process and it won't restart until the connector is removed and reinserted.

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