08 November 2009

Charge problem? Cycle the "ignition"

Last night after a friend test drove #458, we had trouble getting it to continue charging again.  I measured 252 volts at the contactor (not recommended for civilians) but it would not charge more than about 5 seconds.  So I tried a tip from a very old posting on the Facebook discussion topics, I turned the car On and then Off.  Eureka, it started charging just fine.  (At 50 amps.)

OK, maybe it was coincidence.  And Mini did respond to my email about this, saying they are looking into it.

So the problem is getting less severe for me, nine out of ten times it charges fine.  And I have not had the red  light on the wall box for a long time.  I suspect we'll get to the bottom of it soon.  I hope Mini gets it fixed before Michael with #269 gets too frustrated.  Hang in there Michael!


  1. Jim, I finally added your blog to my MINI E BLOG page... been busy enjoying my petrol powered MINI... Robert

  2. Robert, do you mean you turned your Mini E back in?