05 November 2009

Secret "weapon" revealed

OK, Mini did a fine job with the E but every prototype program has some rough edges. One thing they did not do well was HEAT. Maybe there is a kilowatt of waste heat from the motor and some could have been recovered for cabin heat. Maybe battery heat could have warmed the cabin instead of being vented outside. Maybe a reversible heat pump instead of the the AC pump could have warmed the cabin without so much impact on the range.

Too Bad. I am happy I got a Mini E anyway. I'm sure the production version will be better.

And the photo above is one way I say "I am a pioneer!". I'll post a photo of my Sorels later. Just started wearing them this morning. Sweet on the feet, and you know what? There IS enough room on the accelerator pedal for the King of snowmobile boots, without hitting the brake at the same time.

The only time I used the heater in today's cold weather was when the windshield got foggy in the rain. And all it takes is maybe 3 notches up from the coldest, which is in the middle of the blue range of the knob. Yes, there is some heat when it is still in the blue, at least as far as the windshield is concerned. Doesn't affect the driving range much until you get to the red. And yes, that is 3 notches while keeping the recirculate on as much as I can.

By the way, I wonder is the auto off for the recirculate is needed in summer to keep the batteries cool? Mini, can you kill the auto off for the recirculate when the ambient and battery temperatures are cold? Thank you.

I have not decided where to "wear" my heater, shown in its fully charged shape. Lately I wear it under my sweater. Lap is possible, not as effective maybe. Maybe I should try it on my head? No, too heavy. I believe the most common use is for feet while sleeping. Can't do that while driving, hence the Sorels.

I am seeing some reduction in range, but I think it is mostly because the change in time (driving home in the dark since daylight saving time ended) has cost me my patience. I am driving faster. But maybe it is the cold.

With some luck I will put away the hot water bottle soon. The facility manager at my work place has a quote from Clipper Creek on a 208 volt 50 amp "EVSE" (charging interface box) just like the one Mini installed in my garage. I should know in a week or so if they will put it in or not. If they do I can go back to living like there are no seasons, wearing short sleeves in January. Ah, the good life, huh?

Something in this Minnesota boy LIKES wearing wool underwear and driving with no heat. Especially when it takes money away from oil producing countries that hate us. And I like to show mother nature that "I am a pioneer!"

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