03 September 2009

The monsoon is over

A couple weeks back we had some very wet weather again in New Jersey.  I recall reports of seven inches in one day in my county.  I was out driving #458 in some of the heaviest rain on the weekend without any problems.  I admit it is a curious feeling to pull in the garage out of rain so hard that visibility is down to a few car lengths, and then plug into a charging box that puts out 16 horsepower at 240 volts.  Again, no problem.  Big grin on my face.

(You know, it takes about as much time to plug in this car at home as it does to plug in my mobile phone, which I also do when I get home.  But I never spend any time at the gas station.  Another big grin.)

Then on the following Monday it was still raining and I went to work on the low roads along the Delaware river again.  Lots of big puddles.  Not a single problem.  Even when I hit puddles too fast that were bigger than I thought.

I know I sound like a stuck record but we really like this car.  I hope they hurry up and put something like it up for sale.  I cannot imagine a Nissan being this  nice.  But we won't ever buy a piston car again if there is anything close to this available.

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  1. Hi Jim. I agree, after three months with this car I want to drive electric vehicles from now on, lets hope there are options soon. I like the spreadsheet, I have my own very similar to what you're doing. I linked your blog to mine, so feel free to do the same if you would like. I'm at: http://minie250.blogspot.com/
    Keep up the good work, Tom (#250)