01 September 2009

109.4 mile average range

I now have data on thirty trips to work where I started at 100% charge. (Click on the title of this posting to see the spreadsheet if you want the details.) Most of these trips were about 60 miles, mostly not on the freeway and averaging just below 40 mph with the stop signs and lights. A few included some freeway travel, but the best I can do with out going well out of my way is about half on the freeway.

The average of trip distance plus estimated remaining miles upon arriving at work is 109.4 miles. This is for mid June through August traveling in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Some use of AC, some not, for that level of detail see the log spreadsheet.

For those who have not seen the display in the Mini E dash board, the photo at the top of my blog's main page shows the best estimated range I have achieved. It takes a couple cycles of driving at average speeds in the low 30 mph region for the estimate to creep up to that 140+ mile level. But I can reliably exceed 120 miles on one charge just by driving gently. I usually don't, but I can at any time.

Other bloggers have said they checked range when using "hyper-mile" techniques but only for 10 miles or so. The only accurate way is to start at 100% charge and hyper-mile until you reach zero. Or hyper-mile for well over a hundred miles on several charge cycles and then the estimated range reflects how you have been driving. You can't spend most of your time as a "lead foot" and then hyper-mile for a short distance and expect the averaging algorithms to catch up that quickly. The estimates would bounce all over the place if the filtering time constant were that short.

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