26 September 2011

Think City EV available in Baltimore Marlyland (updated)

I heard today that www.cleancities.com has three colors of the Think City EV in stock in Balitmore, just not the yellow one pictured above.  They have Blue, Red, and Black, but of course the Yellow was pulled from production with pigmentation issues.  Contact info from the Clean Cities web site:

1206 Ridgely Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Map & Directions

Tel: 410.528.0150
Toll Free: 800.922.7999

There was a story about two weeks ago in Green Car Reports that the Clean Cities Coalition in Syracuse NY was offering Think City EVs for sale in central New York.  I don't know if this group is related to the Baltimore operation, the web sites do not appear to be related.  The Syracuse and Baltimore operators know each other but have 'No contract or grant' relationship, if I understand.  It seems to me that have have not just a similar name, but also similar goals.

I was only able to get limited confirmation by email today.  They sounded pretty busy and then later it appeared that their web page had been updated, so maybe that was what they were doing.  I got several questions answered today: 1) They will sell out of state.  2) The car is eligible for the $7500 Federal tax incentive.  Clean Cities (dot com) appears to be a small business with a long history in EVs and NEVs.  I get the impression they are able to ship out of state but I am not certain.  They say pricing matches the factory website, www.thinkev-usa.com

We are approaching 4000 miles in our blue Think City EV that we ordered last April directly from the factory in Indiana, before the bankruptcy.  It looks like Think is getting back on their feet, so to say.  Cheers!

It is interesting to consider that Think built their 2500th vehicle just under a year ago.  The big names that have entered the market are just recently passing that mark with highway capable EVs.

And yes, the Think City EV goes 70 mph.

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