04 September 2011

North Carolina is EV friendly

During the past few months I have given rides in my Think City EV (which does not have decals) to dozens of people, and talked with many more people about my Think when they ask about it in a parking lot.  Maybe this is due to the striking appearance of the Think, which many people guess at first to be a Fiat.  Perhaps part of it is just that people in North Carolina are generally friendly.

So to some extent, I have not been posting on this blog recently because of the amount of time I have spent doing "EV evangelizing" with local people in person.

As further evidence of how friendly people are here (and perhaps friendly in particular to EVs) I have yet to be turned down when looking for a place to plug in.  Currently I have plugged in at four businesses, a church and a friend's home when driving the Think EV outside of my home town.  One way or another I am able to get 240 volts at all these locations, even though only one has a built-in EVSE available.  I will post more about how I do that later, although there are lots of hints in older posts when I used a messier process.

This makes it rather easy to regularly make a 140 mile social trip in one day, even though our Think City has a best case 100 mile range.

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