01 May 2012

Break through technology for EVs in 2015

Delphi Heat Pump for automotive applications
Green Car Congress is reporting a new development at Delphi that will significantly reduce the impact of winter heating demand on EV range.

And I am reporting that our second Think City EV got out on the road today.  Temporary tags finally arrived, 5 calendar days (or two working days) after the car itself arrived.

I put 18 miles on it before it died hard.  I suspect the power control unit, we will see.  Better to happen now while the warranty is fresh.  Being an engineering geek, I am rather excited about the prospect of getting to see something under the hood.  My wife on the other hand, is not so excited.  Let's just say I am lucky she puts up with me.  She is starting to wonder if the Think does have something in common with the Mini E after all.  Like being not totally reliable.  I wonder if it is what the electronics industry refers to as "infant mortality", where some semiconductors die early.


  1. Holy cow. Keep us posted about the untimely death. Hope this is an isolated issue.

  2. Used to happen to Mini E's all the time.

    Maybe I can get a trip to the factory and they will let me watch while they fix it? Like my wife says, people do all kinds of crazy things for vacations.