18 April 2012

Stealth price reductions on 2011 Think City EV

Indianapolis Police Stealth Cruiser
If you live in one of the "ZEV" states and you are interested in buying one of the last ten or so 2011 models of the Think City EV, Call Doug at Green Wheels Chicago, 312 943 1500.  He tells me that he can sell his last few Thinks for $2000 below the price on his web site to buyers in those CARB states.  And his posted price is already the lowest I have seen.

The rest of us in non-ZEV states (me included) are not quite as lucky.  Oh Well.

Of course there is a $7500 Federal Tax deduction after that.  If you owe less than $7500, you get to deduct less but pay no income tax for the  year.  (No carry forward as I read it.)

My understanding of the ZEV discount is that states which conform to CARB rules require a certain number of zero emission cars to be sold in their states.  Pure EV companies such as Think, Tesla, Coda and the rest can actually sell their credits to the major auto makers.  Perhaps these credits go for $4000 lately?  I am not sure of the details, but I suspect it figures into their calculation of Corporate Average Fuel Economy and such.  Something like that, don't quote me please.

Anyway, this price drop came up in stealth mode, so to say.  Like the Indianapolis police department who uses there Think police cruiser to sneak up on suspicious activities.

Green Wheels Chicago got their factory service training from Think last year, along with service manuals and tools.  Anyone worried about parts should not worry, Doug can ship parts to you overnight if, say, that kid next door puts a rock through your windshield.  Elkhart Indiana will maintain parts stock, even if they don't produce the new models there.


  1. When are you taking delivery of your new Think?

  2. emoll,

    Are you still thinking of getting a Th!nk? I'm in Maryland and drove mine off the lot on Thursday. So far, so good.