15 February 2012

Think City EV in Lilyhammer TV series

The first two episodes of a new TV series feature the main character driving a Think City EV.  Netflix has all eight episodes of the first season available in the US, while NRK broadcasts it in Norway.

The Mini E had overly aggressive traction control, making driving on snow difficult at times.  Of course the Think is much better tuned for snow, being originally from Norway.  So while I am not a fan of mobster themes in general, I enjoyed watching the main character spin the wheels of the Think and knock over the occasional motorcycle of rival gangsters.  Try that in a tin can car!  No dents in the Think with its superior ABS body panels.

The back story I heard is that Think Global declined to provide a car for the filming, so the producers borrowed a car from a private driver who was also the first owner of the older fourth generation Think some twelve years ago.  His older car is described here.

NRK TV at first declined to air the series, since they assumed that Think Global had paid to place the car in the show.

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