11 February 2010

No more charging problems, heater still an issue

The electricians came by today and  installed a buck transformer which lowers my charging voltage to 240 volts from the unusually  high 252 volts that I normally have.  This should be end of my charging problems.

The transformer (really an autoformer in this configuration) is branded Acme.  If you can believe it.  It hums quietly.  My wife hates things that hum.  But I can turn off the breaker when I'm not charging the car.

 Acme?  Not Sola?  Not Square D?  I wonder if Grainger carries Acme?  Or Graybar?  Well.  Interesting.  Anyway.  I'm trying not to look at the country of origin sticker.

I had the car in for 18,000 mile service last week.  They fixed the heater.  It was wicked hot for about 6 days.  Now it has gone lukewarm again.  I guess those folks at Behr have a ways to go up the learning curve on high voltage electric heaters. 

They also put in my fourth PEU.  This one does not hum.  The old one hummed loudly.

All in all I am happy.  Big snow here in Jersey.  Lots of fun.  And the E is moving again.  Yea!

UPDATE:  OK, my electrician assures me that Acme is well known and respected brand in transformers, and it is labeled as made in NAFTA, if you catch my meaning if you get my drift.  But I couldn't resist the chance to invoke Wile E. Coyote again.  He became my alter ego for a while there.

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