21 October 2009

Update on minor charging problem

I heard from #364 that he regularly has a problem starting the car after it has been off for only several minutes. The talk is that the battery pack goes into cell balancing mode or something for a few minutes if it thinks you are gone. Wait just a few minutes more and everything is fine. Can be a problem at times.

I noticed this once when I ran a short errand. The current theory is that the same thing can happen to the charging process. I usually take a few minutes when I get home and write down every number I can read out of the dash display, and some other things (see the link for "#458 Trip Log" at the right). So as the battery pack ages (I am at about 8500 miles now) the cell balancing happens more often. Two days now I have tried plugging in the charge cable as soon as I get out of the car, and both times it has charged all night. No problem.

This could be random, we will see in a few days.

Mini, any comments?

Any other drivers had these observations?

By the way, after some measurements and a talk with the good folks at Clipper Creek, I am certain there is nothing wrong with the wall box.

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