02 August 2009

Detailed trip logs

Central New Jersey might be the last location to get wall chargers installed for the Mini E. Something about the inspectors being fussy here. For various reasons I delayed blogging about Mini E #458 until my 50 amp charger was installed, which happened two days ago.

So far I have been driving my 120 mile round trip commute only 3 days a week due to the long charge time at 120 volts. We also drive on the weekend but usually less than 100 miles total. With the big charger I should be putting 3000 miles per month on the car.

I had my first problem last weekend when the car refused to charge. I still had only the "baby" charger at the time. It still drove fine, so I dropped it at the dealer on Monday night where it also refused to charge with their "adult" 50 amp charger. They checked it in Tuesday morning, sounds like the "flying doctor" checked it out on Wednesday, Thursday it was fixed and Friday we picked it up.

The dealer says I was the first to take delivery in Princeton, and the first to bring it in for the 3000 mile check up. If I had not had the charging problem, I would have been over 3000 when I went in for service, instead of just under 3000 miles on the odometer.

I have never seen a car as anything more than a mobile appliance. Much the same for my wife. We used biodiesel in an old Mercedes for 4 years before now, and that was interesting and a little annoying. The Mini E is the first car either of us has been impressed with. Of course it is mostly about the fuel, but the car is well executed in most respects. This is the future.

My trip log is linked, click on the title of this post "Detailed Trip Logs" above.  It will open a Google Spreadsheet.  You can see that I don't always get a range over 140 miles, but I get a very dependable 120 mile range when I'm not in a hurry. Analysis and summary to come in later posts.

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